The Role of Women in Comics

May 28 2014

For any comic book collector, it wasn’t until later years that the role of women in comic books went from victim or perky teen to the superhero. I understand that comic books are mostly marketed towards males, but what bothers me is the lack of females in comics. The female characters in comics back in the day were women that had jobs like typist for example like Tessie the Typist. These characters did minimal office tasks. In those days we were expected only to be the nurse or secretary.

Also why were females portrayed as the helpless romantic? Females were the ones to swoon over the males who saved them.  And of course there were those “bad girl” characters. This makes me think of Veronica from Archie. She was so feisty and always tried to seduce Archie, but the guy was too dumb to realize what was going on. In my opinion she was one of the few dominant females to take charge regarding getting the guy.  Oh how the times have changed!! I also feel that Veronica and Betty were the first friendemies!

veronica The Role of Women in Comics

I mean there are the main females like Wonder Woman and Super Girl, but I mean has anyone really ever heard of Squirrel Girl?? No!! I think today who is popular is Black Widow because of Avengers!! Scarlett Johansson played her so well and guys couldn’t help but look at her!! Who wouldn’t want to be a spy?? Why should it be that for ever five or ten male superheroes that there is one female superhero?? What bothers me also is that when they are displayed they are in these skimpy outfits. I’m sorry but if I was a superhero I don’t think that I could fight crime with my boobs falling out of my bustier. Well not that I would expect Super Girl to catch criminals in sweat pants, but still maybe some legging could help her out!! I think i could go on and on but sometimes I think I am fighting a battle I could never win! Hopefully one day, this male dominant world of comics will bring about more females and ones that don’t have their ass sticking out of their skirt!

 Check out some cool Cosplay here.

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Comic-Con Filled Weekend!

May 28 2014

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a kick ass holiday weekend. I was super excited because this weekend instead of doing the cliche thing of having a BBQ or heading out to the beach. I  went to a Comic-Con convention. I had so much fun and met so many awesome people. What I love about this is it always give me ideas on different costumes I could come up with. In the past, I have been known to cosplay and I loved feeding off of the people’s energy. In my mind when I attend these conventions, I always feel like I’m in a fantasy world where it’s not uncommon to see Deadpool or Batman. So random and so fun! If you have never attended, I would highly recommend you attend. You don’t even have to cosplay! I remember my first Comic-Con and I made friend’s with Wonder Woman! How kick ass is that?

tumblr n6roh2w9oh1qccn88o1 500 Comic Con Filled Weekend!

Now if i could only meet Lynda Carter would my life be complete! The cool thing about these events is that it also gives you the opportunity to meet the actors that played your favorite superheroes on TV!! What?!?!?!? I remember when I almost died when I was able to meet the Blue Power Ranger!! AHHHH are you serious?!?!? Suddenly I became a kid again and the excitement that came over me when the Power Ranger TV show came on hit me at once!!!

What is awesome about Comic-Con is that they are held around the world! So don’t worry about booking the next flight.  You can always Google the nearest Comic-Con. I will be honest, some conventions can be pretty pricey, but you will get your money’s worth. You can also find good gear and get to interact with other cosplayers if you are one yourself. It’s a great way to interact with people who share the same interest as yourself!

g3kmxm Comic Con Filled Weekend!

If you enjoy Comic-Con give a look. They have great Comic-Con stuff and cool Cosplay!

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When You’re Only Options Are “Sexy” or “Sexy”

May 28 2014

As a little girl, I was fascinated by the millions of costumes I saw in the Halloween aisle. There were so many possibilities for me. I could be Wonder Woman or I could be a cat! At seven years old, I enjoyed my options.

Every year I would try to outdo myself from the previous year. One year I was Cinderella, the next I was a ninja and the following year I was a zombie. As you can see I was trying to leave my options open. When i finally grew up, I came to find that my options were not like they used to be. I remember looking at costumes and my only options were sexy cat or sexy nurse. As a person who enjoyed dressing up as different characters, I was upset that my options were not limited to only “sexy” or “sexy”. I mean hey I think if I wanted to that I could definitely be a sexy nurse, but what if the next year I want to be a zombie. I guess you can now see my dilemma. I don’t understand why women’s costumes are only sexual. If was to go into a store and look for a men’s costume, there would be many options not just “sexy doctor.”

I remember watching the movie Mean Girls and Lindsey Lohan saying that she found out the Halloween was a time for girls to dress up as sluts and for it to be okay.  I wonder who thought this was okay. What I hate about this is that I always take my nephew trick or treating and the last thing i want to show up in are some fishnet tights to take him out. What kind of aunt would I be???  I hope that one day there will be more options for me. Until then I suppose I can just just try to PG13 my costumes!!

Star Wars Princess Leia Halloween Costume for Women1 150x150 When Youre Only Options Are Sexy or Sexy



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